Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome all!  To give you an introduction to this page, the reason I put this together; one to speak on matters of the heart which will include poetry as well as some journals and commentary based on some of my personal experiences, my mistakes as well; this will be my way to confront different issues I have and currently face as well as provide complete healing in the process. For now, I will remain anonymous going under the name HeartSoul70. 

In closing, I will bare all of myself so in hopes that while I free myself of these many emotions I desire to express, that maybe; this can provide inspiration, hope and healing to others.  We live in a society today of total ruin. Divorce rates are at an all time high, more and more have given up on the love or the experience of courtship.  With social networking and online dating which is very prevalent in today's society, I want to invoke change while providing hope at the same time. 

Now I will admit, I don't consider myself an expert however, maybe thru my eyes, my experiences, just maybe, I inject you that hope serum that may have been lost. I too have made many mistakes in my adult life in love, I have lost love; which has forced me to confront my own personal demons as I continue doing a lot of soul searching so that I can be a better man.

My hearts greatest desire is to learn how to love in the right way as God intended, so that when the good Lord smile upon me to bless me...he can look at me and say..."Okay my son, now you are ready".

Last thing I want to stress and I will close, if you are looking for love thru having multiple sex partners, seeking love in all the wrong places, you are only bringing more hurt unto your heart which further prolongs the healing process.  Always place God first and allow Him to order your steps and guide you. In the end, so many say they don't want love, many curse at the idea but you have to understand; you can not blame your failures and woes on Love itself, because God is love infinite, His love is eternal meaning always and forever.  I just ask you to pray ceasingly so that the Lord can heal and open up your heart, always listen to that small still voice, He can never lead you wrong, he knows what's best.  I am no saint, I am not perfect by know means but in the meantime, I am embracing the process.  Hope you enjoy my postings and feel free to leave me your comments, all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Love, peace and grace be unto you!  Blessings~HeartSoul7~