Poetry~Somber sonnets rains these pages

Somber sonnets rains these pages

Since the day we parted

Something within me
Became a deceased mechanism
This is not what I envisioned
When I lost you
It was losing my rib
I lost the better half of me
Countless times
Not a day dosen't go by
Memories of you
Purging my inner gord
Whenever bored and alone
Thinking....Just thinking
The many times..drinking

The soak as you bathe
Your rivers, wet kisses

You satuarate me
Everything about you
The better half of me
I will admit...Yes I miss it
As we parted ways
My days, cold and lonely
Nothing never will be the same with me
Never knew a love such as this
And I screwed up, I would do anything
Anything, just to share one last kiss
I want to let you go

But my heart just won't leave
You still mate vacancy
In the prisons that exile my heart rhythms
Never knew a love as sweet as this
Traces of every embrace
As I shut my lids
All I can see
The wanting pools of your soft browns
Figments of your shapely waste
For every swallow
It is you I still taste....

Just wonder if you miss me
As much as I miss you...

As the dews of the morning awake
I hate my mistake
What I hate most
Can't find escape
Tugging to my heart
Shutters succomb me
You blanket my soul...

Can't seem to erase your face.......*sigh*

Copyright(c)2012 HeartSoul70

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